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Frequently Asked Questions

can we hire bhs to do research about brattleboro?

People wanting information about events or people associated with Brattleboro’s history may make their request to the Society. There is a $15 per hour charge plus the cost of copying the material.

can we use your archival photos for our project?

The Society maintains a very high-quality historic photographic collection. Copies of the photographs are available. The cost of a copy depends on the intended use of the photograph. No copies may be made of the images without permission from the Society.

The photographs are filed using a keyword index which enables the photos to be selected by categories or themes such as horse-drawn wagons or automobiles.

Those interested in viewing some of these photographs may do so by clicking on the appropriate section of our web page.

Can we hire BHS to do Genealogy Research?

Information regarding Brattleboro families’ birth, Marriage, death, and cemetery records can be obtained by contacting the Society. There is a $15 per hour charge plus the cost of copying the material.

Will BHS speak to our group about Brattleboro History?

The Brattleboro Historical has people who are available to give talks regarding Brattleboro’s history. Those interested in using this service, contact the Society.


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