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Do you love Brattleboro history? Do you look at the Retreat Meadows and say, “why is that pond called “Meadows?” Do you drive along Canal Street and think, “where’s the canal?” Do you ever think to yourself, “has anyone ever looked into these perplexing questions?”

We have good news: the answer to your final question is, “yes.” And the answer to all your other questions can be found in the Brattleboro Historical Society Newsletter.

How do you get this fantastic source of knowledge nuggets timely updates from the Brattleboro Historical Society? Join us!


“You’ll learn answers to questions you wont believe you never asked.”

– Reggie Martell, Trustee BHS

Newsletter FAQ

People often ask how we pull together such an awesome newsletter, packed with news about BHS, exciting articles about Brattleboro history and even original research.

We pooled your questions and put them to newsletter editor in chief, Lee Ha, for insights about how the magic happens.  

How do we pick topics for articles?

There are a variety of ways any of us pick topics, but usually it is whatever sparks an interest. Many times, for me, when someone brings in a snapshot or item to donate, sheer curiosity turns into research and that – into an article. A volunteer might have something they’ ve been researching for someone and that becomes an article. One of us might notice something in town and think “what is that?” and then research. Or sometimes I ask a person who has dropped in to do research if they would like to write it up for the newsletter.

Who writes the articles?

Anyone who knows how to research and has a passion for the topic is welcome to write. However at present most pieces are written by volunteers or board members.

How do you choose contributors?

Sometimes people ask me if they can write something, and as long as it’s relevant to BHS and Brattleboro, I say yes, within the word count. I also ask that we don’t have to fact check because we simply don’t have enough volunteers to do that and that we reserve the right to edit for grammar and space. 

Do people need to be members?

No. They just need to have a passion for Brattleboro history and the subject they are writing about.

What is the publishing schedule?

We publish newsletters 2x a year. Once in the summer and once in the winter. But articles can be written and submitted anytime. If it is time-sensitive, it is less likely it will be published unless it is submitted well in advance.

Is it available online?

Yes, at least some back issues! All are available in our Research Room.

Can the public request topics for articles?

It would be fun for the public to request topics for articles – however, we don’t have enough volunteers to research random questions AND then form articles from their research.

Can we get old copies of the newsletter?

Yes. You can come to the RR and request them, often people who come into the Research Room leave with a newsletter without even requesting one.

Who picks the images and where do they come from?

In general I pick them. Sometimes we use a stand alone photo of significant interest.  Often stories have 5 or 6 good photos from our files, but depending on room on the page, I must choose the most appropriate. We do try to include photos with all researched articles to help with visualizing the piece.


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