Page 1 Carol Farrington, Sec 

 Brattleboro Historical Society – 2020 Annual Meeting 

November 15, 2020– Virtual meeting via ZOOM 

The annual meeting was held via ZOOM as a result of the Covid Pandemic which has been curtailing most in-person activities. 

Call to order: 2:00 p. m. 

The annual meeting of the membership was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by board acting president Joe Rivers, with many of the board members present. 

Minutes of the November 17, 2019 Annual meeting were read. A motion to approve was made and seconded. Motion approved by voice vote. 

Financial report for the previous 10 months was available for review. Motion made and seconded to accepted as written. 

Election of Trustees: Those trustees who were up for re-election had accepted term extension. Motion to accept them was passed by voice vote. 

The meeting adjourned at 2:06 p.m. 

“Our guest speaker was Jenna Carroll, the Director of Education at the Historical Society of Cheshire County located in Keene, NH. She presented the life of Brattleboro-born Jennie Powers. Powers was a Progressive Era woman who battled against animal and child abuse in Vermont and New Hampshire. In the early 1900’s she served as a humane society agent and deputy sheriff in both states. She served for over thirty years and had a large impact on our region.” (text from the November 2, 2020 newsletter.)