The Latchis Hotel & Theatre:


Downtown Brattleboro

The Hotel

The Latchis Hotel Theatre first opened in 1938, when the “Greco Deco” vision of the Latchis family was finally realized. Built by four brothers in honor of their father Demetrius, an immigrant from Greece, The Latchis Hotel’s Art Deco design was conceived with grandeur in mind to equal the architectural marvels of their father’s home country.

The Latchis’ Greek heritage put a unique twist on the classic geometric plaques that adorn the sculpted exterior of our building and differentiate us from other Art Deco hotels. The brothers commissioned murals of Greek deities by renowned artist Louis Jambour for our Main Theatre and installed their statues throughout the terrazzo-floored interior. Today, Hebe, goddess of youth and cupbearer for Zeus, guards the entrance to our main hall, blessing all who enter there with the ever-invigorating essence of art.

In the early 20th century, The Latchis began welcoming guests arriving on the train from the urban centers of New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. These visitors sought a rural retreat that could still provide them with the glamorous services they were accustomed to in the city. Needless to say, they found both luxury and the charms of the country at our Hotel in Brattleboro—one of only two Art Deco buildings still functioning in the entire state of Vermont.

The Theatre

The Latchis Main Theatre has stood as is since 1938 and is a member of the League of Historic American Theatres. Bedecked with Greek murals by the Hungarian-American painter Louis Jambor, swaddled in velvet curtains, and accented with a panoramic view of the Zodiac on the ceiling, our performance space has welcomed the likes of Rosanne Cash, Collegiate A Capella champions, and the New England Center for Circus Arts. Beginning with Vaudeville and silent films, our stage has shown exceptional music, art, and moving pictures to Southern Vermont for over seventy years.

Today, the Latchis Theatre is a stately stage for live events, an elegant place to catch some current cinema, or the perfect venue for your next special occasion. We update our movie roster every other week and we’ll often keep especially popular titles showing for as long as our community wants to see them.